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Horton Iron & Metal Co scrap metal recycling Wilmington, NC

Horton Iron & Metal Co.

2216 US Highway 421 North Wilmington, NC 28401


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Top Prices Paid for Scrap Metal

It's not junk if it's worth money

Horton Iron & Metal Co scrap metal recyclingIf you have any scrap metal lying around, bring it to us, Horton Iron & Metal Co. Turn that junk into money! We are your local scrap metal buyers. We'll properly recycle the metal and put cash in your pocket!

For over 61 years, Horton Iron & Metal Co. has paid residents of Wilmington and Hanover County the highest prices to recycle scrap aluminum, brass, copper, steel, broken cast iron appliances, computer scrap and various other metals.

When you bring your scrap metal to Horton Iron & Metal Co., you can count on:
  • Selling almost any scrap metal you have
  • The best prices you'll find
  • Convenient location on Highway 421
  • Honest evaluation and fair prices
  • Very friendly and accommodating service
(910) 726-2326
Horton Iron & Metal Co scrap metal recycling Wilmington, NCHorton Iron & Metal Co. is not a national chain, but a local, family-owned business that has been serving Wilmington and the surrounding areas since 1957. Our customers know us for the personal attention you can only get from a local business, a reputation of honesty, and treating them with integrity. If you are not currently a customer, we invite you to call or bring your scrap metal to our metal recycling center and discover why we've been in business for over 61 years.

While our recycling center can handle almost any type of metal you wish to scrap, we are not a waste disposal site and cannot accept hazardous material of any type or material containing fuel, oil or any other liquids. Click HERE to see a list of the scrap metal we buy.
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